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Anders Mattsson, CEO

+358 18 43 100


Ålands Skogsindustrier Ab is a privately owned Åland company that works with timber procurement and forest services and invests in a high degree of processing of the timber. Most of the timber purchased on Åland is processed into sawn products, incl. planed and impregnated timber, as well as for cellulose and energy chips. We have about 40 employees of our own and we employ about the same number of forest and truck contractors full time. For us, it is important to collaborate with local actors and contribute to the wheels turning in our society.


Despite the strong local roots, the entire Baltic Sea region is our home market. Our own port and our efficient sea transport means that we can deliver products e.g. to the cellulose industry in Finland and Sweden. We also supply bioenergy outside Åland. When it comes to sawn products, we prioritise the Åland market, but also export a small part, e.g. to Germany and Belgium.


Ålands Skogsindustrier wants to work closely with its suppliers and customers. We want the forests to be sustainably managed for the future, we invest in forest management tools like thinning, and we receive timber from the entire Åland archipelago. We want close and long-term cooperation with our customers and we develop our products for their needs. Ålands Skogsindustrier wants good profitability and growth. The supply of timber on Åland is not unlimited and therefore growth can take place through continued processing of the products, with complementary products and services or by establishing operations outside Åland as well.

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